Together we rise

Sick and tired of e-mailing, following, commenting and still not getting invited into any Group Boards?
Or getting invited just to find out that there is basically zero traffic on the board?

We will build a solution to this problem together.

I have decided to build new Group Boards for the most demanded niches from scratch. Together we will start out with 3 Boards (Blogging, Social Media Marketing and Etsy) and will expand later into more niches when there are enough quality people. In the beginning we will focus on posting high quality content, increasing followers and engagement of the boards as well as trying to rank for searches with High Volume. My goal is to build a little army of 20 hardcore pinners for starters and see where the Journey will take us.

What do I need?

  • Dedicated, friendly people who believe in this idea
  • People who understand the new Pinterest (Focus on keywords, hashtags , appealing to a Search Engine)
  • People that don't want to get rich quick, but want to build a long term traffic channel
  • People that don't just want to spam their own blog links

What will you get?

  • When the boards have reached a certain size you will have a powerful marketing tool at your disposal with the potential to send huge amounts of traffic to your site
  • While we build the boards together, I also want to create a little Master Mind Group where we communicate and discuss various strategies. Later we can also talk real business. Think of it as the free masons of Pinterest :D
  • is currently at around Alexa Rank 70000 in the United States which means there is a lot of monthly traffic which will result in a lot of exposure for these boards as I will aggressively show them on every page :D
  • I have also big plans for Pingroupie. If there are any paid features in the future , you will get them for free as a sign of gratitude.

How do I apply?

  • Follow
  • Send a mail to
  • Why do you want to join?
  • Which board you want to join + your Pinterest Username/Profile
  • How would you try to drive new followers to the board
  • How many followers have you gained in the past month + your average repin rate
  • 2 Examples of Pins you have created
Looking forward to all applications! Remember: Collaboration is key.

Please excuse weird grammer, etc.. I am not a native speaker ;)